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Re: [IP] Paranoia

I find if I have a mild low in the night, every crimminal from "COPS" down to
the dude at the 7-11 is waiting outside my door...I feel as if they are,
anyway! I may also be worried about other things in my life (Dad's health, My
economics and such), which can take on the form of weird dreams in the mind's
attempt to 'sort things out'.

However, not to poke fun, get a cop out there to your place for a safety check
and have them assess your place for 'weak spots' in the security.  Costs
NOTHING and we found a few things to fix here.

One of my old BFs had these experiances when at his work he was being 'dogged'
by a co-worker. Things worked out for him but for a month he'd have dreams
that 'someone' was after him. No, you are NOT strange.

Jenny Sutherland

  I had something happen the other night that was VERY out of character for

  I woke up at about 2 a.m. absolute convinced that someone was outside my
  trying to get in.  It took about 3 hours for me to calm down and go back to

  I am not a parnoid person nor do I mind being alone ( I kind of like it to a
  point.), but I  do not like feeling that way.  I checked my BS and it was
  so  nothing out of the ordinary there.  Has anyone else had this kind of
  experience or am I just strange.

  Michelle and Booper
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