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[IP] re: highs, lows, and brainpower

<part of original post from Sylvia>
<Just want to make a note here about how the highs and lows affect the
persons brain power.>

Hi Sylvia,

As a diabetic since age 13 (now 49!), I never knew how much the right
blood sugar range affected me until this past year (since I've gotten
the pump and tested 10-12 times a day). This is going to sound silly to
some, but for recreation I play ping pong (vigorously!) 3-4 times a week
(I teach and study, so get little exercise some days otherwise). In the
last few months I have brought my tester with me while I play, and
tested after every other game (reason: my blood sugar can drop from 160
or more to 60 in a matter of 30 minutes). Here's what I've found: when
playing the same opponent (who is quite hard for me to beat!), when my
blood sugar is between 80 to around 110 or so, I nearly always do
incredibly well (I get locked into a "zone"). When it is lower I am
(obviously) no good at all--esp. lower than 65 (and yes, I have glucose
tablets with me all the time as well). Here was the really surprising
thing....even when it is just a little higher (140-160), though I don't
feel that much different, my play is definitely worse! My goal up til
the last year had always been to keep my blood sugars under 180 as much
as possible--now with the pump I am realizing that is ok, but not nearly
as good as I once thought. Forget the A1Cs (which for me have routinely
been pretty good the past few years, even before the pump)--I KNOW I
concentrate far better in that somewhat narrow range.

And to think after 35 years of the disease I thought I "knew" just about
everything about how the disease affected me. Just think--if it affects
even how I play a simple game, imagine how it affects all of us as we
study, try to do a good job at work, etc., etc. Moral: I don't want to
be overly consumed by testing (every few minutes or so!), but when these
continuous meters are made practical, it will be another quantum leap I
think in how we as diabetics feel each day.

Sorry for the long (and probably boring) post...


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