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Re: [IP] Re: JDRF Washington Advocates Report

On 13 Apr 2001, at 0:46, email @ redacted wrote:

> What about umbilical cord blood, which is routinely discarded in mass 
> quantities across our country every day? Why are we not heading up an effort 
> to collect those stem cells instead of looking to sources that are morally 
> and/or ethically unacceptable to some people?

That's a great idea!

Of course, I'd much rather use my own fat cells, if they can make 
that work.  No immunosuppressants, right?  And who doesn't have 
a few extra fat cells they could put to good use, eh?  :-)  Even 
skinny ol' me has a few here and there and I'd work hard to fatten 
up if it meant I could cure this....  

whoa.  What a concept.  Fatten up to get healthier......  :-)
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