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>> BTW:  It is now acepted here that any bg over 140 or below 70 sneds me
>> intohypo-rage or hyper-depression.  I don't want to go back there.  All I
>> want is os go back to whwere I was before Sat night!  Damn this time change!
>how many hours time change was it for you?  it's weird to think only an hour
>would do that, but who knows.....anything can happen with us  :O(
>perhaps maybe you have an infection starting or something like that??????/

1 hour premature deliver of 3X normal dosage for DP does make one go hypo.
1 hour premature decline in basal by a factor of 3 makes one go hyper.

-my body adapted to the time change after about 10 days.  The rollercoaster
slowed and stopped.  I did reset the pump to standard time but as the week
continued it became obvious that the need to change it to DST was required
but again, it took 10 days for my body to change!  This is probably related
to my sleep hormone problem.  My internal clock is out of sync permanently
and the sleep clinic says it's useless to fight it.  To accept that I'll
never fit into "normal society".  I'm a bat.

-did fasting basals to cover the entire clock over & over and am really
tired!  Only people like you can understand this.  Made a few minor
adjustments which I suspected long ago needed to be made but nothing major.

-most importantly I learned that I am now more sensitive than ever to bg's
over 7 (120) or below 3.5 (60)!  The effects on my mind and emotions have
been repeated on a number of occasions.  Anywhere below normal range and I
get real moody and go into a rage.  Above 120 and I get depressed.  A 100%
about-face as far as moods go in as little  as minutes.  Problem is; any
length of time spent above 120 and I slip into severe depression.  Guess
what I need is some sort of short-acting anti-depressants to cover the
hours bg is returning to normal range.

So, the bg's are back in line but now I know for sure any major highs or
long amount of time spent over 120 and I'm not fit to participate in human
society.  this is why I took myself out of it last week.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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