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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #44

I just retired last June from a 35 year teaching career and all 35 of those 
years I was diabetic.  I found the best policy for me was honesty.  I always 
told my students at the beginning of each year what they may expect and they 
were always very understanding.  I was a band director in a Jr. High.  I, 
therefore, had marching band, parades, and many performances.  Before the 
meters I always ate something before every performance to avoid being a 
zombie while on stage.  I even talked in the science class to all of the 
students in the school and you would be amazed at the attention they gave and 
the questions they asked as well as the concern they would show when I showed 
signs of being a zombie.

I have several incidents where I had to stop and take a time out.  I had a 
total of 6 diabetic students throughout my whole career and those were 
special kids to me.  I never kept the fact that I had diabetes from anyone 
and the plus side of that was and still is that I always had help when I 
didn't know that I needed help.  

It is scary to think that you and you alone will have the responsibility of 
being in charge of each one of your students and at sometime possibly not be 
able to even spell your own name and perhaps not even be aware that you are 
not functioning at your normal level.  Don't think about it to the point of 
making yourself sick but know that at some point you will probably have to 
face it.  Keep a close watch on your bg and don't be afraid to test right in 
front of your students.  

I hope this might help you and good luck.  If you want to talk further you 
can email me personally.

Nancy diabetic 36 years pumping 13 years.
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