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Re: [IP]: Diabetes Awareness Stamp/USPS Workteam Ideas?

On 12 Apr 2001, at 16:58, dlehmann wrote:

>What aspect(s) of diabetes would you like the
> public to be more aware of? What should we stay away from? (thinking of
> "diabetics shouldn't eat that") Anything else? Pumpers have the best ideas.

1) ADULTS can get T1.  TEENS can get T2.   Make sure ALL the 
diagnostic tests are done to be sure you're getting the right 

2) There are support groups on the internet where you can all kinds 
of information that your medical team doesn't have the time to 
teach.  You can find a plan that works for *your body* instead of a 
generic one-size-fits-all that they teach to all their patients.

3) Many states in the US now have insurance coverage laws 
requiring coverage of diabetic supplies.  Find out what your state's 
laws are from the ADA.

4) A diabetes diagnosis no longer means certainty of 
complications.  Treatment means you'll probably feel better than 
you have in a long long time.  Finding out EARLY means better 
chance of avoiding complications.

5) If you have diabetes, YOU need to be the team leader, not your 

6) Steel Magnolias was written in the 50's-60's---it's now 2001-
treatment has improved A LOT.

7) Even the worst needlephobes can find a way to work around it 
these days.  I *know*--cuz I'm one of the worst.
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