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Re: [IP] catching night low was Ketone ?

My night low time--- seemed I never could catch it below 60..
Last night I woke fast, (1;25AM, voided, thought  "aha, good time to
test",Bg was 36! (11:30pm was 129bg., no snack.)
 Fixed 4 oz chocolate milk, then low symptons hit big time, milk down front
of counter fixing 8 oz glass of milk, then  grahm crackers, 2 tbs rasberry
jam( crackers & jam smashed lightly in bowl,) 8 oz milk, 1 reg slice Am
cheese.  No insulin with this, was 129 20 min later, was 229 at 6:45AM.
This is 3rd time I have had such bad low, If I catch them am 58-78.   2nd
time (had not tested first, too shaky) after eating something, was 42
bg--kept eating.
My low would be on its way down after 11:30pm, high by 3-4 AM, esp before
bedtime insulin which lets me sleep thru whole thing. YMMV.  Linda K

> Perhaps you should check your blood sugars at 3am for
> a few nights. That may give you some idea as to what's
> happening in those wee hours of the morning!
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