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[IP] cost of pumps

<< all the manufacturers are working with the $5000.00 price tag due to the
heavy competition.  > >>

> I did not pay for it, but I did get the invoice for my Minimed 508. It said
$7,500.00. I'm assuming that's what Kaiser had to pay. I'm very grateful for
this "gift". >

I believe if you look at the itemized statement you'll see the breakdown. The
pump itself is about $5000.00. They don't send just a pump, however, since it
cannot be used without supplies. Add on the amount of supplies included in the
shipment (which varies according to the ins. plan), plus accessories, swabs,
training manuals, etc. and the invoice has a higher amount. (~_^)

Also, someone said the pump itself is worth about $53-$56 and they could give
them away since the supplies are so costly. I'm sure the supplies are pretty
cheap to mfg. also. HOWEVER, don't we raise a lot of money for research and
possible cure? That $$ doesn't go to just the value of the supplies to mfg
does it? The developers' times have to be compensated. We can't expect
something as sophisticated as our pumps to just appear at $53-$56 without some
real brains and time involved. Do we want to go back to the one basal a day
and whole unit deliveries pumps of the '80s? (Check the Picture Trail album
URL below). If we investigated the worth of parts of an automobile it would
probably end up at a total cost much less than what we pay. Without grants and
research, we can't expect improvements.

My $.02. (~_^)

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