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[IP] RE: Ketone Question

Kathy said::

>> Several days in the past couple of weeks I have woke up with high sugar
levels. (350 - 400) My levels the night before were in the 120-136 range.
With about 6-7 hours sleep. I would think I had crashed during the
night & it was a rebound. Except I don't have "that" headache & when I check
for ketones they are in the small range. I have very seldom had ketones. I
keep a close watch on this as I only have 1 kidney. Seems to me that if
are ketones it must be a lack of insulin. Not a rebound. Any thoughts? <<

Ketones result from burning fats in the absence of the ability, for any
reason, to metabolize carbohydrates.  Ketones result whether there is
sufficient carbohydrates and insufficient insulin or sufficient insulin and
insufficient carbohydrates.

As you correctly point out, ketones result from a lack of, or insufficient,
circulating insulin levels.  Without insulin to facilitate the metabolism of
the available carbohydrates, the body burns fat, which produces the ketones.
However, if you rebound due to a crash because of too much insulin the
result is also a lack of, or insufficient, carbohydrates for metabolism
because the carbohydrate has been depleted.  The body must again resort to
burning fat for fuel with ketones being produced.  Very low carbohydrate
diets result in spilling some ketones becuse of the need to burn fat for
fuel.  The only way to determine the cause is to check your bg during the

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998
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