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Re:[IP] Scuba diving

> Wow!  I wasn't expecting THAT much information!  :-)  Thanks for
> your input. I am PADI certified, but haven't been diving in a few
> years.  Now that I'm on the pump, I was just wondering what I would
> do with it when I dive.  Does your daughter disconnect when she
> dives? 
You bet she does. Your pump would take a permanent siesta if you took 
it on a SCUBA trip. The pressure differential might also give you a 
big insulin infusion when the seal finally gave way depending on 
which pump you are using. My recollection is that none of the pumps 
are useable at depths below a few feet  -- pressure differential 
being the problem.

> My dad is also my dive buddy, and we always made sure that
> my bg's were on the high side before starting the dive.  
Remember my comments about body temp regulation and bg levels. The 
best guess Lily and I can make is that 120 - 150 is a good range with 
bg's NOT moving down. She has recently started doing a bolus of a 
unit or so when starting the dive to prevent her bg's going high from 
exertion, stress, cold (we don't know what but it helps). I'm 
definitely not recommending that you do this, you must develop your 
own protocol by careful observation and record keeping.
Don't forget to carry glucose gel.

 >I also
> stick to shallow dives so I'm able to get to the boat more quickly

Hey, once you are in the water, your in the water. You can get far 
away from the boat very quickly -- don't rely on a false sense of 
security. Your activities should be restricted by your skill level 
and training. PADI has some very good advanced cert courses that 
familiarize you with all sorts of conditions depending on your 
interests. I highly recommend these training classes, just let your 
instructor know that you are diabetic and what special precautions 
must be taken -- ie the low/high/etc.... training info. Your dad 
should be able to tag along as an observer / buddy at no charge 
except for boat fees. Lily's instructor has been very accommodating, 
even complimented her on being one of his best and most proficient 
students (miles ahead of her brother:-)

> if need be.  I've never had a low when diving, as I kept my bg's
> high before hand.  Of course, I also took crackers and juice on the
> boat for after the dive.  Now... if only I lived closer to the
> ocean!  :-)

Where do you live?? There are many charter operations that are near 
airports and in resort locations. 

San Diego Calif -- marina is 8 minutes from the airport, dives to the 
Channel Islands, and reefs -- usually 2-3 days -- sleep aboard

Los Angeles -- marina is 20 - 30 minutes from LAX, ferry to Catalina 
Island, also charters

Virgin Islands, see web page - caters to divers with diabetes

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