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Re: [IP] Waterproof Letter to D--some additional facts

> > I do not believe this is correct. My understanding is that the d-tron uses a
> > stepper motor (requires a specific set sequence to energize the coils and
> > turn the drive shaft) while the MM uses a solenoid motor (an on/off sequence
> > activates a plunger for one cycle which advance a ratchet turning the drive
> > shaft - hence the clicking). The key effect that you are interested in is
> > the same - neither system can constantly run-on if the  electrical input is
> > shorted - but the motor systems are different.
> > 
> > There was quite a lot of discussion about this a couple of months ago. You
> > should be able to find the original post in the archives.
> > 
> sorry, the original posts i was remembering was that the mm was also
> a stepper motor, in fact there was a lot of talk about it being the
> only one with a stepper motor til i went to the D website and read
> that the d-tron also had a stepper motor. oh well, funny how we both
> remember different things.....

Both the D and MM are stepper motors. One is linear stepper-- 
referred to above as a solenoid stepper and the other is a rotorary 
stepper.  The exact technical terms are really not important as long 
as one understands that both can only produce incremental movement 
when energized and both must have the motor fields energized and 
denergized in order to produce continuous movement. This gives both 
pumps the fail-safe operating characteristics that prevent delivery 
when the drive to the motor is short circuited.

I'm not familiar with the drive in the Animas pump so can not 

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