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Re: [IP] Excess insulin = high A1cs?

> Can excess insulin cause increased A1cs because of prolonged high
> bgs due to rebounds?

> The reason I ask the question is Eves A1c is 8.6. I think that,
> that is why the doctor thought she needed more insulin.

bg control at this age gets more difficult -- hormones, growth, 
sports activities, everything interferes. Don't go overboard on 
control, eventually things will get better when the contributing 
factors calm down a little -- this may take TIME.

> I now have convinced Eve to do fasting basal checks.

periodically these are necessary. They don't have to be completely 
re-done, only those portions of the day where there are problems.

> Deborah mom to Eve 13.75 and Zok

Zok is great!!! heh... heh...

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