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Re: [IP] can we give blood?

I think there was a discussion on this a while back,it
was concluded that certain states did and did not
allow diabetics to donate.It also depended on whether
you'd ever taken bovine insulin,had any other
complications and I think theirs a clause in the
handbook that if insulin dependent you had to have 
been on it for at least two weeks.I couldn't believe
that  last one,it was kind of stupid because type 1's
are usually sick as dogs when diagnosed and donating
blood two weeks later is the furthest thing from their
minds.I know it took me a month after dx'd before I
felt normal again,and I most certainly did not want to
donate for awhile. Now I'm a regular donor,(with Red
Cross blood drives)and I have run into individuals who
weren't sure about the particulars of diabetics
donating.I have been told that if my blood sugar was
too high,I couldn't donate;I wouldn't need a snack at
all afterwords if I was high;one women in particular
who wouldn't believe I could donate even after she
consulted the book and I'd told her about 4x I could
and had done it before,no I'd never taken bovine
insulin,and everything else was ok(she ended up
finally asking someone else and grudgingly admitting I
could);are-you-in-control ("No") kind of
question;everytime is seems to be something knew.I
keep wondering what they'll say at each next
donation,people never run out of dumb statements about
diabetes.I don't want to hide the fact I have
diabetes,that would be lying on one of those
questions(Do  you have any other medical
conditions?)and I don't want to get banned by the Red
Cross from donating by lying on the information
form.When I donate,it always throws my blood sugar to
the 300's range,I get dehydrated and have ketones for
the next 2 days but thats just because life is
impossible on shots.Now with the pump on the other
hand,I'm looking forward to having a normal bg
post-donating.(the 28th I'll see how it goes)I really
don't know if it affects A1c's,I read somewhere that
if you donate 2x between A1c it can.I tried that,and
my a1c went down .7 but I can't say for certain that
was the reason it did.(on the particulars, the first
time was right after an appt. with an a1c and the next
was a little less then 2 weeks before the next test so
the red blood cells wouldn't be replenished
yet)Besides the usual reason to donate(for other
people),I also do it because I know what it feels like
to have a serious disease that might eventually
disqualify you from donating.I want to be normal in
that respect as long as possible,I guess I'm somewhat
stubborn.I don't like diabetes stopping me from
anything.Check it out with wherever you're thinking of
                 Heidi(pump start date the 23rd on a
blue MM 508!)

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