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[IP] can we give blood?

Most Diabetics CAN give blood. It may, and propablely will affect your
BG level after - so monitor.

Most, if not all, blood drives - collect drive for platelets and other
"solid" cells. The water is extracted from the blood.
This does two things - One it is less risky for the receiver of the
blood - less change of diease being transmitted, etc. And the
Storage of the "blood" is longer and easier than "Whole" blood.
The usualy only case for storage of "Whole" blood is prior to sugery,
if you want to give your OWN blood to be used - (Lasts about 1 week).
Check with your doc, restore your blood volume after, and check your
BG a lot - but nornally should NOT be a problem.

Some blood drives may not want to take on the additional "Risk", but
go to a hospital or blood bank to help.

Just my Opionion
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