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[IP] SCUBA Diving

I, too, am only a father of a diabetic 9 yo pumper.  And an inactive SCUBA
instructor (NAUI).

So Emily doesn't dive yet.  She does snorkel which, in terms of handling
the pump, is similar.  She has done both warm and cold water snorkeling
without incident.

Our approach is to test and treat to get to 200mg/dl before entering the
water.  We do this for any activity, PE, hiking, biking, swimming.  Then,
we test about every hour after that.  If she is swimming or snorkeling she
disconnects.  The pump is stored in a cool dry place, like an insulated
lunch bag with an frozen blue ice thingy.

If she is high she boluses down to 200.  If she is low she eats, shooting
for 200.  Then we go.

Curtis Lomax
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