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Re: [IP] DMers in School

>As it stands, I'M the one who needs a special dispensation, but the kids
>have been wonderful about it. I've only had 2 lows during school hours,
>but both times, the kids have been supportive and politely waited it out
>until I became more functional. They might be rowdy and rambunctious
>much of the time, but they really come through when it counts!

I just wanted to say that this is encouraging:)  I am beginning my student 
teaching in the fall at a high school...English and history.  Thinking back 
on my own high school days, I had lows a few times, but mostly at athletic 
practices, I think only one in the classroom.  I've been worried about what 
would happen if I had a low NOW in the classroom though!  Since I am the 
teacher.  (Scary to think about...I'm 21 and most of the kids still mistake 
me for a student:)  Tricia

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