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[IP] Excess insulin = high A1cs?

We have been having some problems with Eves diabetes management lately. Her
2-hour after meal checks have revealed high numbers or very good numbers,
with very high numbers three-hour post meals. We have been working with her
CDE for months now and nothing was working (increasing insulin). I know, I
know, I should have just done fasting basals checks but it has been hard to
convince Eve to go this route.

 On Tuesday, at about 8:50 Eve had a very bad low at school (40), which she
did not feel. This was a routine check before P.E. It took 2 juices (15
carbs each) and the pump off for 45 mins. to bring her up. I was really
surprise about this b/c she was getting a cold. When Eve is getting a cold
or just before a cold her bgs will skyrocket.  The school nurse called on
Wednesday morning at 8:45 and said that Eve wasnt feeling well and the
nurse felt that Eve should go home. Remembering yesterday, I had Eve check
her bgs before we left the school, she had a bg of 71!

Since she was a home sick I thought to test her BG more often. Low and
behold she is going low 1 to 1 = hours post meals. This is on a day where
all she is doing is watching TV. Can you imagine what was happening at
school where she goes from one end of the building to the other every 45
min? Because we fed her lows, she actually used much less insulin this day;
she also had fewer rebounds to compensate for. GREAT numbers all day. This
was the first day in months that she was in a good mood ALL day.

To make a longer story shorter, the CDE/doctor NEVER wanted to see anything
shorter than a 2-hour post meal even when we suggested it. DUH!! Kept
getting false highs (rebounds) or good numbers (blood sugars on the way up
from a low) right after a low. Eve CAN NOT feel lows. The added insulin that
was thrown at the highs only increased the problem. Add insulin, she went
low, rebound, etc. all daylong.

We kept asking the CDE why are her highs going higher with increased
insulin? Could she be going low? Why after increasing insulin, she would
check and be at 128 and have 1 carbo and 2 hours later be 445?

My real question is:

Can excess insulin cause increased A1cs because of prolonged high bgs due
to rebounds?

The reason I ask the question is Eves A1c is 8.6. I think that, that is why
the doctor thought she needed more insulin.

I now have convinced Eve to do fasting basal checks.

Sorry this is long but I felt I needed to explain things in detail.

Deborah mom to Eve 13.75 and Zok
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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