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[IP] Diabetes Testing and ACT Tests

Someone posted something a week ago about having trouble getting snacks into
the ACT testing building even though they were diabetic. I'm not sure how long
ago this person took the tes, but I just filled out the ACT test booklet to
sign up for the test for my daughter.  I am one of the strange people who
reads the whole instructions, etc.   There is a place in the booklet that
states if you are diabetec, need to bring food in case of low blood sugars, to
check a certain little oval on the form that you send in and on your ticket
that they send you to get into the test area it will be marked that you have
permission to bring in blood testing supplies and food and drink.  So, if you
have completed the form correctly, it will be marked on your admission ticket,
and there should be no problem.   The test is stressful enough without having
to worry about blood sugars and snacks.
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