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[IP] can we give blood?

This is a question I've always had. Noone has ever answered it for me,
and I've never given blood. But, seeing a blood drive the other day, and
knowing my last A1c was 6.5 (yay!) I thought I'd try. I went in and asked
the techs (who were about finished with the blood drive). They told me
that since I was on insulin I had to ask my doctor first. I got the
feeling they just wanted to finish the blood drive and go to lunch.Since
I'm not too great with big needles anyway (yeah, I know, the irony of it)
and since I had fussy baby with me, I didn't push the issue. But now I'm
wondering. I'm sure Spot or someone can tell me--and I'm sure someone on
this huge list has given blood, right? If I can give it, do I have to
disclose the diabetes? If I do give it, and my blood sugar is high, does
that mean whoever receives my blood gets a high blood sugar? Would their
pancreas correct this? What if they were diabetic? 

Wondering for 20 years
Maureen M.

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