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[IP] Waterproof Letter dor D-Ready for U


I would like an answer from Disetronic as well, but we
won't get one if customers don't speak up (i.e. the
letter a group of us is doing or another) I posted
earlir on this subject, but have one more comment. I
am a H-TRONplus V100 user. Besides my issue with
Disetronic's poor customer service on this waterproff
issue and not leaving its customers with an option.
Even MiniMed has a dunk policy. It it my
understanding, if a MM user accidently dunks their
pump in the toliet or water; MM will repair or replace
the pump. At least that is what our area MM rep has
been selling for years. Any MM users do you know if
that is true?

Andrea Seitz

>Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 00:07:26 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Waterproof Letter dor D-Ready for U

>would REALLY like to know how one minute it IS 
>waterproof and the next it is not!!!  I know we are
>all tired of this but really, there has to be more to

>this than what we are being told!  And you who are 
>frustrated at not being given any options...I am th
>inking ths is something that needs to be 
>addresses.  Take away one option they must provide 

>mom to Joshua

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