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[IP] DMers in School

email @ redacted wrote:
>  She has
> been teaching almost 30 years and Josh is her first DMer (hard to believe,
> huh?!) and she noticed the similarities right away!

Not hard to believe at all. Fortunately diabetes in children IS rare.
I've been teaching almost 20 years and had my first diabetic child 2
years ago. 

The worst part about it was that I didn't know it for 7 weeks after
school began (I teach high school). Fortunately, there were no problems,
but he had my class  just before lunch, and if I'd been a STRICT
teacher, I would have prohibited him from taking swigs out of the bottle
of Coke that he always had because it's against school rules to have pop
in the classroom. 

As it stands, I'M the one who needs a special dispensation, but the kids
have been wonderful about it. I've only had 2 lows during school hours,
but both times, the kids have been supportive and politely waited it out
until I became more functional. They might be rowdy and rambunctious
much of the time, but they really come through when it counts! 
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