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Re: [IP] Waterproof Letter dor D-Ready for U

>What confuses me here is that 6 years ago it was touted as waterproof,
> but 5 years ago it was NOT???  ...   So I would REALLY like to know how
> one minute it IS waterproof and the next it is not!!!  I know we are all
> of this but really, there has to be more to this than what we are being

This is not complicated and is not sinister or hard to understand. The
H-Tron was designed and manufactured to be waterproof. It was advertised and
sold as waterproof and used by may people successfully as being waterproof.
However as Disetronic got more experience with the pump (many more
customers) they have learned that there is a series of events that can
result in cracks in the case and water leakage to the electronics and
malfunction of the pump. And furthermore this pump malfunction can have
serious consequences (pump run-on). These are low probability events that
were not originally anticipated and occur only rarely. But because they can
and have happened and result in serious consequences Disetronic can no
longer recommend that the pump be used under conditions where these events
can happen.

This is what has happened and this is what we have been told by Disetronics.
I have no real concern that there are additional undisclosed and/or sinister
facts involved. Up to this stage I (IMO) think Disetronics has done a pretty
good and responsible job of dealing with the issue. The next question -
which is the one that I think most people are concerned about -  is what
should Disetronics and users do about it. That one is not resolved to
everyone's satisfaction yet.
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