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[IP] RE:Professional advice (I lot longer than I planned)

Deborah said...
>I have learn long ago, that with diabetes that if you don't
have any
letters after your name you don't know anything.<

Ah, but you do know something. You live with it 24/7. That
counts for a lot in my book. Who knows your child (or
yourself) better? Your educator or physician probably does
not go through the same anxiety, worry, panic that you
experience. We can't walk in your shoes or live your life.
Only you can do that , and only you can share your
frustrations and triumphs. Our job is to help the person
with diabetes learn to live and cope with it, to make
adjustments when needed and do the best they can with the
information we have available to us to provide that help. I
used to tell my patients that my job waas to teach them to
not need me, to learn to make their own management
decisions. I was there as a guide, a support team, and a

I can't speak for professionals who do not have the time to
keep up with the exploding amount of new information. Many
diabetes centers have been downsized to fewer staff
available to provide education, training, and emotional
support. Where I used to work had a staff of 8 counting the
MD. They now have 3, an RN, an RD, and an MD. The office
manager was the first to go. I moved on by choice, or I
might have been eliminated anyway. We were told to stop
doing things we were unable to charge a fee to provide. I
was not able to charge for inpatient consultations,
continuing education classes for nurses, consultation,
education and management for renal transplant patients who
had DM, and unable to charge a fee for intensive insulin
management for pump. I spent a lot of volunteer time on the
phone and was on unpaid call for pump patients.

I joined this list 4 years ago to find out what issues were
of concern to pumpers, because where I was located, pump
support groups were poorly attended. I wanted to be able to
help my patients. I learn a lot from this group and I try to
share as much as I can that will help you be self-sufficient
and make good choices...YOUR choices.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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