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[IP]HELP Ketones

Subject: Re: [IP] HELP Keytones


  You are getting a really bad upper respiratory something going on and WHAM
BAM your BGs are acting accordingly.  Good time for temp basal rate increase
and LOTS of liquids and REST REST REST!!!  Josh did the same thing last week
when he ended up with an ear canal infection.  Doc didn't think it would
matter.  He knows better now (plain peds doc not endo!!)
Hope you are feeling better.  Take care of yourself.  Hey, look at it this
way.  Now you have extra time for the LIST!!!!  Got that glass of jiuce there
with you, right??!!!  Listen to this mom, now.  Don't you back talk me
either!!!  HMMMMMMMM.....

MOM to whomever needs one at the time.  Joshua 24/7
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Sylvia, It's best not to give advice concerning a patient you have not
examined or do not know. I don't want to sound like I am down on you but Juice
is just what is not needed in DKA because it raises glucose and worsens the
condition. Shortness of breath is often the first sign of the A in DKA because
the body's base excess has been exhausted by build up of aceto-acetic acid and
beta hydroxybuteric acids by the body becuse it is unable to dispose of excess
hydrogen ions resulting from fat metabolism. When this happens the blood pH
begins to turn to less than neutral or slightly higher and acidosis occurs. A
serious and often fatal condition. The best advice for DKA is drink fluids,
call your doctor and go to the ER of your local hospital for treatment, not do
this or that. You dont have a set of blood gases or BUN glucose and
electrolytes which are needed to guide treatment and prevent over hydration,
brain swelling or hypokalemia. We all love christine and want to see her back
here just like you but be a good mommy tell her to get her butt to the ER.
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