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[IP] Let's hear it for the dogs

> <<snip>>
> You are so lucky you found it!  The insurance company would not have covered
> it unless you specifically have insurance coverage for the pump.  My insurer
> (State Farm) charges $300/year for pump insurance.  No...I haven't done it
> yet!

I checked with my insurance agency (Allstate) today about coverage for my pump if
lost or stolen.  She checked with the underwriters (I think that's who she said)
and they said it was covered on my renters policy as personal items.  She noted
that I did need to be sure to have all receipts for it.  The deductible is $500,
but that's a whole lot better than $5000!  As always, with homeowner's or
renter's insurance policies, make sure you have "replacement value" insurance.
Otherwise depreciation can wipe you out.

Connie & Dot
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