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[IP] Re: Professional Advice

In a message dated 4/11/2001 6:44:34 PM Mountain Daylight Time, "Steve 
McNabb" <email @ redacted> writes:

> A quote from a review in Pediatrics in Review from 1997:  "Because young
>  children may be more sensitive to severe hypoglycemia, and this group was
>  not evaluated specifically in the DCCT, questions remain of whether the 
>  of recurrent hypoglycemia is too great to justify advocating intensive
>  management protocols in very young people who have diabetes."  I beleave 
>  fear of severe hypos is the driving force behind some of the sayings from
>  the medical community.  Hopefully, some researcher will look at this area
>  soon.

According to what Dr. Peter Chase had to say at our "Intro to Pumping" class 
last week at the Barbara Davis Center, BEFORE HUMALOG became available, the 
data on adult pumpers (using only regular insulin) showed a significantly 
higher rate of  hypos with a pump than with non-pumpers and,  AT THAT TIME, 
the higher risk of hypos more than offset the benefits of pumping for kids 
(who's brains are still developing).  But, as he (and so many pumpers on the 
IP list) pointed out, NOW that we use fast-acting Humalog (with a very 
predictable degree and timing of insulin action)  pumpers now experience a 
significantly lower rate of hypos.  Unfortunately, many people (docs 
included) are still operating under the old data . . .

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