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[IP] Re: the Denver news story

>>>>She said the paramedics told her son that he was "acting sick" for no
reason, tried to force him to walk and pushed food into his mouth despite his
protests that he was in fact ill. >>>>

This reminds me of the time I was hospitalized for 2 weeks in '89. I was
pumping with my CPI/Lilly Betatron II #9200 and using Velosulin. The pump
delivered in whole units only and had one basal rate with a possibility of an
additional amount as a Supplemental Basal Rate. It could run a reduced basal
only if it was stopped - or completely reset.  We bolused 20 min. before
eating with Velosulin. I took my bolus because they delivered meals on time. I
was in my room waiting to be called and a *session* was going on which delayed
eating. They came in to find me lying on my bed with a low BG. The nurse
force-fed me mashed potatoes and INSISTED I had to sit up to keep awake.

I've learned a lot since those days. I'm sure they haven't.

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