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> My endo. told me this when I was considering, so that is my only
> source...sh e has told many people.

This is not meant as a personal rebuke, just a review of the 
guidelines that we must use to keep this forum useful. Please be very 
careful about reporting hear-say. Your own personal experience is one 
thing, repeating what you have "heard" is entirely another and can 
cause much harm. It is understandable that such efforts are well 
meaning, but without substantiating and NO personal experience is , 
the information completely worthless.

This is the stuff of urban legends and other nonsense. The purpose of 
our forum is to share information, not rumor. If you have first hand 
information, share it. It if it second hand and you feel you must 
report it, CAREFULLY qualify what you say as in " my endo told me 
thus and such " .

Unfortunately, some people believe everything they hear or read on 
the internet. Insulin Pumpers makes a real effort to make sure that 
the information we share and the manner in which we share it promotes 
accurate reporting of personal experience and correct attribution of 
other source material

The information that is posted in the forum is hopefully useful to 
those of you making day to day decisions about how to manage your 
diabetes. Almost all of the information is from non-medical persons 
and none of it should be used as a substitute for proper medical 

To put it as clearly as possible, Insulin Pumpers does not supply 
clinical treatment information or medical advice. Any advice or 
information that you may receive through the web site or mail 
lists is not a substitute for personal medical care. Insulin Pumpers 
cannot and does not guarantee or warrant any of the medical or 
clinical information that you may receive through the web site or 
mail lists. Any information or links on the web pages are for 
your convenience and the inclusion of the information or link on 
the web site does not imply any endorsement, guarantee, warranty 
or representation by Insulin Pumpers of the quality or accuracy 
of the information, products or services provided to you. 

If you are in need of qualified medical information or support for 
your medical condition, we recommend that you contact your 
physician for clinical care advice. 

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