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Re: [IP] Philisophical Quote....

Ah, Philosophy!,

         I also wrote a report on that subject, and John Dunn has a sonnett 
about that.

...A Digest of my Essay

Singularity...Trauma...Excess stress.  All are symptoms chronic diseases, and 
any emergency.  Being singled out is one of the most horrifying thing some 
people can imagine, especially children.  Today's society expresses the 
'importance' of being 'normal'.  What is normal?  What is abnormal?  This 
belief is the root of most of our world's problems!  Racism, religious 
crimes, and etc., are all caused by the fact that today f you  are not 
'normal', then you are a crime to society, you are not    an ally, you are 
not a conntributer, you are not a person...you are not one with all.  But 
that brings more...why should we be with every one else...why is it such a 
crime to be individual?  This kind of society is the cause of the downfall of 
all civilization...the cause of our problems, are what make us unique...what 
make us individual and a contribution to society!  And if being different 
causes you to loose your ability to contribute, then who can contribute?  We 
must change the way we think  about the uniqueism of individuals, and focus 
on our likeness, and then furthermore learn from others philosophys....if we 
can't do tht, then we cannot survive.

Tad Lengthy,
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