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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #27

Dear Jan,

I read with great interest about your friend that is going to have surgery 
and they want her to take off her pump and do IV insulin.  As a nurse I must 
STRESS to you and your friend that they need to do what makes them 
comfortable..  There is a patient bill of rights and no matter what a doctor, 
nurse or whoever says they are in control of there body.  Personally as a 
diabetic who loves her pump, I would not take it off unless I was going to be 
so sedated that I (or a trusted family member) could manage my needs.  There 
is nothing wrong with using IV insulin, in the ER that I work at it is the 
standard for DKA treatment.  However the nurse must stay on top of doing 
hourly accu checks due to changes that can occur in your levels.  Have your 
friend talk with the doctor and explain the fears they have.  Best of Luck


p.s. Hi all haven't written in a long time...have felt so GREAT after my 
first 3 months on my pump "little buddie" that I am hard to catch up with.  
Good news...HAIC 13.7 before pump..8.7 1 1/2 months after starting....lovin 
life again:)
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