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[IP] Retinopathy.

OK some background first and then the questions.

I was told by an optometrist back in 9-00 that I had the beginning stages of
diabetic retinopathy  - he called it background. He said I should come back
in 6 months. Since that is now I was checking into whether my insurance
covers any eye "stuff". I was told they don't. But they do cover
ophthalmologist. So I got some names from my endo, but only 2 (out of 12
pages). 1 of them does not have apts. until May and the other is a retina
specialist and does no routine care.

My vision has never been great. I have glasses/contacts since the age of 4.
My left eye is consider Lazy and I wore patches until the age of 12 with no
improvement. After that I was told there wasn't much that could be done. My
vision has not changed in the past several years until Sept. Lately my
vision is blurry at all times especially long distance. I have been having a
lot of headaches and I am getting very aggravated. I called my optometrist
and he said no big deal and that it could be from bs swings.  I have had dm
for a little over 10 years so I know that retinopathy is common, but I am
still scared.

So the questions:

1) Did know that you had retinopathy - i.e. did you have any symptoms? If so
what were they.

2) How fast can retinopathy be?

3) How do you handles yours? Should I see the retina specialist or find
someone who does routine care as well or what?

I know YMMV, but I would like some of your experiences. I know that this is
the best place to find info. A great group of people (friends?) as well.

TIA, Jennifer and Cookie Monster (MM508)
dx 01-09-91 16 yo
pumping 09-01-00
email @ redacted
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