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[IP] Nurses who know nothing

Brian said,
"as I said in an earlier message.  Nursing school just gives you the basics

to preform a reasonably same nursing practice.  All the real knowledge you
learn on the job."

Brian Carter RN

I have an undergrad degree in biology and a master's degree in engineering
but that is not what people are concerned about in a job interview with me.
They are interested in what I have done and what I can do.  In engineering,
job experience is king.

An MD or a CDE after a name don't mean very much to me. (they seem to mean
a lot to them)  I have tried to drink out of the fire hydrant too.  That
doesn't make me a good engineer.  If I am a good engineer it is due to my
experience and aptitude not the 8 letters I could put after my name.

On one side, CDEs and physicians should know there job and know when they
don't know it.  There should be no misinformation spewing from them.

On the other side, they have an incredibly complicated body of knowledge to
master and communicate with us.  I have some sympathy for their
predicament.  However, they are the professional and that carries a heavy
burden of speaking when they know and not speaking when they don't know.
Stress, pressure and arrogance cause many of the problems that we

If you have good medical people around you,great.  If you don't, rip them a
new orifice so that they can find a way to absorb good information.

I am very impatient with poor medical advice from people that I am paying
to give me good medical advice.

Curtis Lomax
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