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>   Disconnect is really easy!  But when someone is
> using a hard to reach spot 
> like the top part of the hiney, they will require
> some assistance.  

Jessica uses this site regularly and can do all site
changes and disconnects by herself.  She is 9, and has
been pumping since the age of 6.

>   Also, check out the new Disetronics Ultraflex.  It
> is also very nice.  It 
> just hurt Josh more, but then we didn't use EMLA
> cream for that one eiher!  

The Ultraflex doesn't hurt Jessica anymore than the
Rapids did.  They both go in the same way.  We do not
use Emla.  As we have no personal experience with the
sets in the subject line, I cannot give any advice on
those.  I can just help with Rapids and Ultraflex

Just another point of view, YMMV.

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, 9, dx'd @ 9 months, pumping, and Jarred, 10 and a great help!

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