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Re: [IP] complications in children

> It is also know that BOTH high and low
> > blood sugars interfere with cognition. The ability of a child to
> > learn during their most important school years is clearly impeded by
> > continual high blood sugars. This is so obvious, even to the kids,
> > that my daughter routinely reports that she has trouble thinking
> > clearly when her bg's are high.
> > Michael
> I'm sure I wasn't clear on what I was trying to say. I was just
> telling Deborah that this is what we were told when my son was dxd. 
> We certainly made every attempt to keep him in control. 

You were clear, I'm just ranting :-) I've heard it said before by 
some docs that side effects don't come into play until kids are 
older. This is mis-speak. What they are saying is that there are 
(were) no studies that show that tight control in a child reduces the 
chances of complications -- not that the complications don't exist.

I believe that we all agree, complications are not restricted to some 
magic age over x?teen yo.

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