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Re: [IP] Nurses who know nothing

> > Also the main reason for the Nursing Shortage is the lack of
> > interest of  potential Nurses.
>What you didn't mention is that they have to take a lot of training,
>including advanced degrees in many cases, and they don't get paid
>diddly-squat compared to other jobs with comparable educational
>requirements -- much the same boat that teachers are in.
>email @ redacted

Ah I know of several jobs that done require any college education that 
makes more than most nursing jobs and they don't have to put up with all 
the stress and things we do.  lol  I knew several people that started 
nursing school  "because its allot of easy money"  lol  I almost died 
laughing.  Nursing is truly a job that you must LOVE or you will not last 
long in that position.

Brian Carter
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