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Re: [IP] complications in children

It is also know that BOTH high and low
> blood sugars interfere with cognition. The ability of a child to
> learn during their most important school years is clearly impeded by
> continual high blood sugars. This is so obvious, even to the kids,
> that my daughter routinely reports that she has trouble thinking
> clearly when her bg's are high.

> Michael

I'm sure I wasn't clear on what I was trying to say. I was just telling
Deborah that this is what we were told when my son was dxd.  We
certainly made every attempt to keep him in control.  It didn't make
sense to us that the high's wouldn't cause him complications in the
future.   He was routinely high between the ages of 15 mos and 24 mos
because he also had a hyperthyroid that went undxd.   Since his thyriod
had been under control, our son has had A1C's generally in the 6.8 - 7.8
range.  Now that we are pumping I hope it continues to improve his
control.  We know that there is a definate difference w/cognition and
behavior when BGS are high or low, we live it everyday like most of
you.  We have to do the best we can today in hopes it does reduce the
future complications of this disease, not wait until our children are in
their teen years or older.

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