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[IP] Re:complications in children

This whole thread brings to mind a recent backpage essay in the latest
Diabetes Forecast. An R.N. decided to 'be diabetic' for a month, so she
could better understand what her patients went through. She tested, took
saline shots, and followed a meal and exercise plan. On the first day she
completely forgot her shot. She didn't start the meal plan until the
second week, b/c it was too much to deal with. By the fourth week, she
almost quit early, and was very glad she only had four weeks of diabetes.
She ended it by saying she has a lot more understanding and patience with
her patients, and now tells other docs and R.N.s who complain about
diabetics not following guidelines to "walk in their shoes for awhile
first". I read it, thinking it should be not only required reading, but
required practice for all endos, CDEs, and anyone else who works with
(for?) diabetics.

Maureen M.

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