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Re: [IP] Nurses who know nothing

>When you go to the hospital, you see people that look like nurses, are
>dressed like nurses but they are NOT nurses.  Training is minimal.  The well
>trained nurses have left their profession in droves.  Hospitals are now
>trying to hire back good personnel with incentives, however, it is a slavery
>job and most not interested.

Also the main reason for the Nursing Shortage is the lack of interest 
of  potential Nurses.  The shortage is nation wide and we are not even at 
the peak of it yet.  the average nurse is 45 years right now and when the 
rest of the baby boomers retire the medical field is going to be up a creak 
if they do not get this fixed.

Just to give an example.  I worked in a nursing unit where almost half of 
the shift was of Nurses from Canada and which are only in an town for 3-6 

This is one reason everyone should be very out spoken in there care and 
management of their diabetes.

One one point of Nurses not being trained in Diabetes.  Everyone must 
remember that Nurses must Learn ALLOT of information in a very short 
time.  For me we had to learn the entire Endocrine area (major disorders 
including all the different types of diabetes) in about a week to a week 
and a half, and this is just not class time we were also going to clinicals 
and other school required stuff.   we spent 2 days on all the different 
types of Diabetes and I was one of the ones teaching the class on diabetes 
treatments mainly the pump.

as I said in an earlier message.  Nursing school just gives you the basics 
to preform a reasonably same nursing practice.  All the real knowledge you 
learn on the job.

Brian Carter RN
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