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Re: [IP] complications in children

> Deborah
> When our son was dxd at 14 mos, we were told the same thing. 
> Complications in children do not happen until after puberty begins.
> I think there is a lot of uncertainy as to "why" but there is
> suppose to be a lot of studies that show this.   

I'm not an expert, but I would take issue with these statements. A 
couple of examples I can think of immediately are Renee's daughter 
who has been on ace inhibitors for several years now and she is just 
a young teen. And.... one of my daughter's camp counselers who was 
having laser surgery to both eyes because of bleeds at age 20. 
Neither of the conditions that require these treatments occur 
overnight, but are rather the product of years of degeneration due to 
the side effects of diabetes. It is also know that BOTH high and low 
blood sugars interfere with cognition. The ability of a child to 
learn during their most important school years is clearly impeded by 
continual high blood sugars. This is so obvious, even to the kids, 
that my daughter routinely reports that she has trouble thinking 
clearly when her bg's are high.

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