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Re: [IP] Waterproof Letter dor D Ready for U

>Unlike ginny, when I got my pumps 6 years ago that was a major selling 
>point that they were waterproof, and one of the main reasons I chose it.

When hubby Shane got his pumps just over 1 year ago, we were told it WAS
waterPROOF, and that was one of the main reasons he chose it.

>So ThE CRACKs ARE NOT ALWAYS OBVIOUS to the naked eye.

Lets not forget about people like Shane with reduced vision - he was not
able to see the crack in his pump (although I was). Or the people with
no vision at all. You can't always feel the cracks either.

>I have never had any pump malfunctions due to the cracks they discovered - 
>and I have used my pump often in the water - both showering and swimming.

Shane had the crack in his pump for at least a few days before it was
discovered so it got wet showering and possibly swimming too, but
luckily did not malfunction.

>I find it upsetinng because if we found injections a good way to manage our >blood sugars most of us wouldn't be on the pump in the first place

I also find it upsetting that they suggest using injections as a good
way to manage things when swimming, etc. Injections didn't work well for
Shane, that is why he got the pump! If we decide to go tubing down the
river for 6 hours it is a major pain to haul stuff along for injections,
keeping it dry and cool, and finding places to stop and clean up for
injections... Even more offensive is the idea that he should put some L
or NPH into his system before such an activity in order to not have to
take injection stuff with us. Again, the reason we chose the D is so
this would not be an issue!

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