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[IP] Re: How to correct for stubborn highs - longish

> the higher the sugar, the more insulin it takes to
bring it down..... at
> least for most people i know this is true  :O)
again, YMMV........

For me (YMMV) I seem to be more precise when using a
bolus to bring it down.  My ratio of 1 unit/50 bg
works pretty consistently.  If I am 300 and take 3
units, I will be pretty close to my goal of 150 (I
don't want to over correct and go low).  However, if
my bg's are in the process of increasing, it will
take more.  If it appears they are already coming
down, I will use less.

>> 2.  Her endo always tells her to use a syringe,
not bolus, when high.  Does
>> using a syringe get insulin into the system any
faster? (I thought he said

> for some reason, my highs come down faster and
more if i take a bolus by
> syringe........ and if you really want it to come
down, take it in the
> deltoid muscle (upper outside of arm).... YMMV!!

One of my problems is with bad sites.  I will use a
syringe to eliminate that possibility.  I also
believe that virgin territory (like a rarely used
arm) will have a better, quicker effect, rather than
continually pumping into the same spot.

As I've said many (many, many,...) times the pump is
absolutely superior in bringing down highs,
eliminating rebounds and avoiding lows.
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