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In a message dated 4/11/01 7:14:24 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I use the MM's sof-sets and really like them and am curious as how strong the
> Quick Sets are to pulling off the quick release. Do you put tape on the 
> tubing
> to prevent the set from being accidently pulled off? One of the reasons I 
> like
> the sof-sets is the ability to tape it down and still able to release it 
> with
> the QR pigtail for showering w/o having to retape the tubing. Just curious 
> as
> I am a new pumper and still trying out different sets right now.
i didnt have to use any extra tape...... i just put an IV3000 dwon and put 
the quick-set in....... toward the third day i did cut a circle and like a 
little stem out the side of it into an IV3000 to put over it cuz i was 
nervous about it coming off...... the little slit was for the tubing....... 
but these are really sticky sets and really hold well and i just think they 
are the best thing minimed has come out with to date!!!!!!
woooooo hoooooooo for minimed......LOL
gina & mr clicks (MM508)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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