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Re: [IP] Waterproof Letter-bouncing email, bad web address...

Hi Sylvia -
The problem here is that our last name is "A R N S", but when you see it
in lower case on the computer it sometimes looks like "A M S". So in
case anyone else is having this problem emailing me or accessing the web
site, hope that helps :-) If I actually did somehow post it somewhere as
AMS, I apologize, please let me know if its somewhere that I can correct
I added you to the list but have one question - do you and Josh have
different last names, or is one a typo? I realize its not unheard of to
have different last names, but in this case they are so close I just
have to ask :)

>  I have tried TWICE now to send my signature to you privately at your email 
>address and TWICE it has been returned to me as undeliverable.  I have TRIPLE 
>CHECKED to make sure I am sending it to the address you have states 
>                email @ redacted
>and it just won't go through.  Please add our name to your letter
>        Sylvia Staten
>        Mom to Joshua State, H-Tron Dec 1999
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