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Re: [IP] Afterthought on professional advice

At 06:35 AM 4/11/01 -0800, you wrote:


>Sometimes I think that the folks on the list here would fail the CDE
>exam just because they KNOW too much! (Not that I've ever seen the exam)
>Or else we'd pass with better scores than the RN's, provided we studied
>up on BOTH types of diabetes, and consolidated our knowledge of
>complications, diet, exercise and special populations.
>I know there are some VERY good CDE's out there (Barbara Bradley comes
>to mind!!), but just having the initials after your name doesn't mean
>squat -- it would be nice to have a way to REALLY know if they know what
>they're talking about!

...and remembering the statement from an acquaintance who was a CDE and 
then diagnosed with diabetes....  "I had to quit because I could no longer 
lie to my patients"

Jim S.
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