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Re: [IP] Afterthought on professional advice


  That is why I personally get SOOOOO frustrated (as Barbara B. will tell 
you) about the fact that a person without the schooling can not sit for the 
CDE test, even if they did read the books and reports and whatever else 
material these RNs and dieticians and PTs and OTs and others are reading to 
take this test.  NO, personal experience does NOT count for SQUAT for 
ANYTHING these days and that is why we have to put up with dealing with these 
NON-knowing 'professionals' whop go around and treat us knowing 
non'professionals like idiots!!!!  FRUSTRATING AS H---...

   Sorry Barb, and all others for that.  But blame it on Natalie.....she got 
me started too early in the morning (PST 8AM)...............

well learned mom of Joshua   24/7
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