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Re: [IP] complications in children


  I had a similar experience with an RN, who mostly worked with cancer ADULT 
patients but was asked by the patient education head to lead a support group 
for kids.  BIG MISTAKE and we parents did a good job of letting them know 
this!!  This guy went on and on about SUGAR use and chemicals in the foods 
and started talking about naturapathy medicine and natural foods and natural 
sweetner choices, etc, etc, etc...  He was basically talking to the average 
age of a 9 year  old, he started out by indicating the the over use of sugar 
in today's society is probably what is causing the increase in 
diabetes...well by this point I was foaming at the mouth.  So I stopped him 
and asked him what HIS background was and he told me.   Then I asked him what 
he knew about diabetes, especially IDDM and he said his only background for 
that was being around some adults every once in awhile.  I then asked him 
what research he had done since being asked to lead this group and he said 
NONE!!!!  At this point this RN...LEADER basically started to change the 
subject and try and get these kids to talk about themselves.  All of us 
parents that were there for this meeting contacted the pat. Edu guy and told 
him our beef.  Said if you can't find someone who knows something about the 
subject then don't bother!!!  Thank goodness the parents of most of these 
kids were really good at explaining to their DM child that this person didn't 
know anything about diabetes and was just lost for something to say!!!

  But I will tell you this, our endo has told us that until puberty kicks in 
and those raging hormones start to take over that complications will not be a 
factor.  But that this early childhood time period is the best time to really 
be working on routine and tighter control so that whent he child does hit 
puberty they won't have to experience a major life change, as far as their 
diabetes is concerned.  BUT once puberty starts to show up it will be VERY 
important to work harder at keeping highs at bay because they WILL start to 
affect them at that point!

It really is frustrating!!

mom to Joshua
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