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Re: [IP] complications in children

Natalie says that parent are pretty powerless to do anything about the 
ignorant speakers...  WRONG!!!  At the point when this 'learned' person 
started spouting off MISinformation is when I would have inturrupted them and 
questioned their information and told them what information I had from from 
where and MY EXPERIENCE on the subject versus just book learning!!!  It 
really does make a difference in how much someone knows when they LIVE with 
this disease versus learn about it thorugh a book or school.  And THAT is 
from my son's endo, who is constantly letting me and other parents know that 
he NEEDS us to teach HIM about what it is like living with it 24/7...!!!  

  So, PARENTS and all others who REALLY know DO have a choice to EDUCATE 
those giving out misinformation and hope that this person will then pass that 
information on the next time they speak!!!

mom to Joshua
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