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[IP] Goodluck with Skippy

    Good luck with Skippy.  I too would see if your doc can write a letter of
medical necessity stating that you need the dual/square wave bolus function of
the MM pump.  I know insurance companies can be tough.  Since living in the US
for the past 7 years I feel like I am constantly fighting health insurance
companies over one thing or another.  They really don't seem to care about
anything but lining their own pockets, and unfortunately paying for diabetes
supplies does not help them in this matter!  Keep on fighting, persistence
    Oh and about the name Skippy, I think it's great.  I too love the
flexibility of being able to skip meals. Fitting those snacks in at work never
was easy.  I certainly don't miss having to eat those snacks now, unless of
course I'm hungry!
    I'm from Australia and we used to have a kids TV show over there called
"Skippy the Bush Kangaroo".  It's kind of like Lassie.  Skippy makes a
clicking noise, (just like MM 508) which his owners are able to interpret.
Usually along the lines of "Sonny's fallen of a cliff and broken his leg in 3
places, call in a helicopter".  Anyway the general gist of this story is that
Skippy is always saving the day, which is I'm sure how you will feel about
your Skippy once you get your pump!
    Hang in there, and don't let your insurance company win.  They are not
looking out for your interests, but their own, and you are the only one who
should be allowed to decide which pump is right for you.
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