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[IP] Afterthought on professional advice

Forgot to mention the other thing that really bothered me.

At the meeting, there was a 25-year-old girl, who had MODY, and was on 2
shots of 75/25 a day. I asked her how she handles the peaks, and she
said she literally snacks all day and never has a full meal. She said
she was diagnosed at 12, that her mother, grandmother and
great-grandmother had it, and that she had used orals for 10 years
before going on insulin.

The CDE first of all, tried to convince her that she was really a Type
1, because she was young and slender, because she insisted that MODY was
an old-fashioned term, and that it only applied to the obese kids who
are now being diagnosed with Type 2 (inconsistent, there, too). 

Second, she encouraged the constant snacking -- and I was sitting there
thinking, wouldn't you rather have the FREEDOM to vary in your eating

Sometimes I think that the folks on the list here would fail the CDE
exam just because they KNOW too much! (Not that I've ever seen the exam)

Or else we'd pass with better scores than the RN's, provided we studied
up on BOTH types of diabetes, and consolidated our knowledge of
complications, diet, exercise and special populations.

I know there are some VERY good CDE's out there (Barbara Bradley comes
to mind!!), but just having the initials after your name doesn't mean
squat -- it would be nice to have a way to REALLY know if they know what
they're talking about! 

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