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Re: [IP] complications in children

Deborah wrote:
> Last night my husband and I went to a support group at our local children's
> hospital. One of the CDE's (he also is a pediatric nurse practitioner) was
> up in front of the parents talking about how children don't get
> complications until after puberty and he stated that complications don't
> start until children are 20 years old. He said that there is some sort of an
> umbrella that protects children. (snip) 
> I was very DISAPPOINTED that a trained professional would say this. All 
> the parents took this hook, line and sinker. I'm still seething from this, this
> morning.

It's SO frustrating when you know more than the professionals do, and
THEY'RE the ones getting paid!!!!! And people regard them as
authoritative, too!

I went to a local support group last night, and the CDE insisted that
fastings of 150 or so are fine, and that as long as you stay under 300
most of the time, you're safe from complications. Say WHAT?????

If that were so, why is diabetes diagnosed at a fasting level of 126?
And a random level of >200? Why don't the professionals see the logical
inconsistency in that?

As far as Eve's 8.6 A1c, remember that the intensive control folks in
the DCCT averaged around 7.5, and that did NOT eliminate complications.
Reduced, yes, but eliminated, no. 

I've also seen a chart that shows that incidence of retinopathy rises
sharply after A1c  6.1.

But in the final analysis, you can't do much to help people who choose
to remain ignorant -- those parents COULD research diabetes on their
own, just like you did, and although your heart goes out to their
children, you really are pretty powerless about it. 

Wanna join DUES? Diabetic Underground Educational System?? We've paid
our DUES and we want the right to help others!!!!  :)  :)  :) 
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